25 things all college students need to hear

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

We are far but ooh, so close to the start of a new semester! With everything in the past year, we think this year might have that freshman feeling again. You know, that feeling of walking on to campus and spotting your friends from across the yard, struggling to find campus parking, and finding ways to enjoy adventures off-campus, that feeling.

We have been preparing, and we know the excitement is REAL, but we know that we have to talk about some REAL things about being a college student! One thing about this family, we are going to be transparent, so here are 25 things every college student needs to hear.

  1. Do not change your authentic self for a group of people.

  2. Asking for help does not make you less than

  3. College is not easy for everyone; some people are just faking it. Do not give up.

  4. The professors will try and test your intelligence.

  5. Financial aid makes us all scream.

  6. Re-take the class if you need to

  7. Balancing work and academics can be challenging; you do not have to explain anything to anyone.

  8. Entering college as un-declare is smart

  9. If you have to take out the loan, do not be ashamed.

  10. Choosing a trade over traditional education is dope.

  11. Sometimes we learn too late who our real friends are

  12. Yes, that test was hard, do not let anyone make you feel any type of way.

  13. Do not let anyone make you feel less than for living at home with your parents.

  14. Choosing to study over going to a party does not make you weird.

  15. Taking more than four years to graduate does not make you a failure.

  16. There is nothing wrong with attending a community college.

  17. Family will pressure you into a major, go with your gut and go into the major you want

  18. Do not get down on yourself if you did not get the internship.

  19. It is okay if you have to commute to school.

  20. If you need to cry it out and lay in bed with a tube of ice cream, that is just fine.

  21. Do not force yourself to go straight through college; if you know it is mentally or financially draining you, take a break.

  22. Graduating with less than a 2.5 does not determine your worth

  23. Just because you decide not to attend grad school does not mean you will never reach that six-figure salary or more.

  24. You do not need to have all the answers at the end of the academic year.

  25. All that matters is that you got that degree, whether it was from a. HBCU, PWI, Traditional, Community College, or Trade.

Now that you have read our list make sure you keep it close to you! Like real close to you, so when you feel like you need that little extra boost before, during, or after the day, you know that you are not alone in this journey.

Let us get ready for the semester to start!

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